Poll Services Mobile App

Mobile App

Now, monitoring the reports and responses of your surveys and polls is going to get handy. Yes, you read it right!

Snap-Poll offers a professional yet user-friendly mobile app for you to access important reports and responses received after the generation and distribution of your survey and poll. Not only this, you will also find useful options to customize and enhance your survey and poll on the app dashboard. So wherever you are- at work, at the mall, on a holiday or even at a party, you can now view the reports anywhere and make desired changes in the survey and poll through web, android as well as iPhone.

The Android app, offering this facility, auto reads the response and updates it in the cloud response system. And that’s not all; once recording is done, it deletes the responses from your phone to prevent it from getting over-loaded with the messages.

Our mobile app offers-

  • Registering and login options.
  • Creating and managing of surveys and polls.
  • Viewing of poll and survey reports.
  • Access to download reports in CSV format.
  • Option to invite participants using Google contacts.
  • Opening or closing the survey and poll with a single click.
  • Invite contact list from phone to participate in Poll through SMS
  • Get SMS response of Poll

Note that the app will only be available for you (creators of surveys and polls) and not for the audience to participate. Download our app here from the Play Store and get started with analyzing the outcomes of your surveys in the coolest way, at your own comfort!