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Multiple Pages Public Survey

Having categories to your questions and need detailed responses from your participants? If yes, then the multiple page survey is your ideal option.

Highlights of multiple page format:

  • Option for creating different display pages for each question or category is available.
  • Ensure to select the page name while adding questions.
  • You can any time switch your survey to another format.
  • Questions appear according to the display order decided while creating the survey.
  • If you want more information excluding the name, email and contact details of the participant, you will have to create a separate question for that.

The only difference between single page and multiple page survey is in the presentation of questions. For details on common features of all surveys, visit here .

Take a look at the public surveys given below to get an idea on how other users have created their multiple page surveys. Feel free to participate as many organizers offer surprise gifts too!

Project Title Project Category
Project Title Project Category